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Mastership in Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitions

Dental Lounge
Dental Lounge
Dental Lounge


26/27       Nov 2021

11/12    Feb 2022

20/21  May 2022

05/06       Nov 2021

07/08     Jan 2022

18/19  Mar 2022

03/04  Jun 2022





Dental Lounge
Dental Lounge
Dental Lounge
Dental Lounge



Key Points |
  • 55 Credit Hours Recognised by DHA, DOH HAAD, MOHAP, DHCR.

  • 8 Modules and a total of 19 Days.

  • Target Audience: General practitioners or Specialists.

  • Full Team of International Keynote Speakers.

  • Teaching Staff of International University of Catalunya ( Barcelona – Spain ).

  • Hands-On Training on models in every module.

  • Great Student/Professor Ratio

  • Special attention to every student

  • Optional 8th Module in UIC-Barcelona ( Full Week )

Materials Required |

For the Maximum benefit of the hands-on part, each delegate is asked to bring along the following:

  • Laptop (Preferably Macbook)

  • DSLR Camera + Macro lens + Flashes ( Contact our team for recommendation)

  • Composite Spatulas ( Basic Spatulas will be provided in the courses but it’s recommended to bring along your set of professional composite spatulas ) contact our team for recommendation.

Aims & Objectives |
  • Prepare the student to properly analyse and plan holistically simple and complicated aesthetic cases, full mouth rehabilitations.

  • Utilize dental photography to properly document Cases for legal , follow up , teaching, and learning purposes.

  • Master Restorative Dentistry both direct & In direct and isolation techniques .

  • Learn advanced modern techniques in Restorative dentistry & Prosthodontics

  • Learn how to properly restore dental implants. Understanding the types, connections, abutments , and material of choice.

  • Learn the different materials utilized as restorations and the indications of each one of them.

  • Learn and practice on CAD/CAM technology restoring both implants and teeth.

  • Understand the importance of Evidence based dentistry and the published articles as a source of credible information and continuous development

  • Gain theoretical & practical knowledge of latest protocols in operative, restorative, Prosthodontic and implant dentistry

  • Learn proper documentation and case presentation using latest dental photography techniques both scientifically & Commercially.

  • Implement monthly hands on sessions to practice

  • Learn & practice efficient communication with the dental specialities team (surgery, perio, dental technicians)

  • Practice applied laboratory techniques implemented in full oral rehabilitations.

  • Understand the factors affecting different aspects of a full mouth reconstructions, case planning, case preparation, provisionalization, delivery.

  • Deliver monthly literature to study & Learn to navigate the search engines for dental articles

Personal Benefit |
  • Gain an edge over your colleagues and other GPs.

  • Update your skills & knowledge with the lastest trends & information.

  • Increase your income, From treating hard rehabilitations cases.

  • Build your confidence, to face complicated cases.

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