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Mastership in Contemporary Endodontics


Feb 2022

25-26   Mar 2022

14-15 Jan 2022

18-19   Feb 2022

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4


Key Points |
  • Recognised by DHA, DOH HAAD, MOHAP, DHCR.

  • 4 Modules and a total of 8 Days.

  • Target Audience: General practitioners or Specialists.

  • Full Team of International Keynote Speakers.

  • Teaching Staff of International University of Catalunya ( Barcelona – Spain ).

  • Hands-On Training on models in every module.

  • Great Student/Professor Ratio

  • Special attention to every student

Materials Required |

For the Maximum benefit of the hands-on part, each delegate is asked to bring along the following:

  • Laptop (Preferably Macbook)

  • Magnification Loupes ( 2.5 or higher)

Aims & Objectives |
  • Define the concept of endodontics and set your goals. 

  • Know the etiology, etiopathogenesis, and clinical presentation of pulpal and periapical
    inflammations in their different variants. 

  • Know the prognosis of root canal treatment based on preoperative variables. 

  • Expose the different types of endodontic treatment. 

  • Describe the emergency treatment of the different periapical pathological entities. 

  • List the essential radiographs for performing a root canal treatment, and describe the
    technique for performing it. 

  • Describe the ideal shapes of the chamber openings for each tooth in the arch. 

  • List the usual conduits and the most frequent variations in each tooth of the arch. 

  • Describe the different techniques of instrumentation of the canals (rotary and reciprocating)
    during biomechanical preparation. 

  • Cite the different irrigant solutions use fully biomechanical preparation, pointing out their
    properties and indications. 

  • Expose the type clinical sequence to be followed in the course of biomechanical preparation. 

  • Explain the objectives of the canal system plugging. 

  • To know the clinical properties of the different root filling materials. 

  • Describe the different thermoplastic obturation techniques. 

  • Know the different endodontic treatment techniques for immature teeth. 

  • Properly isolate the operative field for root canal treatment. 

  • Adequately plan the root canal treatment. 

  • Perform complete root canal treatments by hand on different teeth of the arch.

  • Describe treatment options for endodontic failure. 

  • Train the student in dental traumatology. 

  • Know how to assess the difficulty of an endodontic case and make its correct planning. 

  • Handle dental perforations and resorptions. 

  • Carry out cases with regeneration and pulp revascularization techniques

Personal Benefit |
  • Gain an edge over your colleagues and other GPs.

  • Update your skills & knowledge with the lastest trends & information.

  • Increase your income, never refer an endo case.

  • Build your confidence, to face complicated Endodontic cases

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